Your Property Preservation Service Partner

Our vendor network provides timely identification of damages, estimates, bids to client/investor specifications, code violation identification and registration, and manage all while adhering to client servicing requirements.

Our dedication to delivering the best possible quality and service in a timely and cost-effective manner sets us apart from other providers. We monitor every aspect of service delivery using the most up-to-date technology, working toward continuous improvement to make sure we surpass client expectations and industry standards.

Our Preservation services include:

Lawn Maintenance

We provide lawn and yard maintenance to ensure your property is maintained to investor guidelines and according to local code, avoiding violations and fines. Prevent degradation of the property’s exterior with mowing, weeding, trimming, sweeping and removal of debris.

Initial Secure

We will provide initial secure services per client’s requirements. Initial secure includes changing entry locks, locking windows and doors, winterizing (if applicable), removing raw garbage or hazardous materials, completing a grass cut and adding the location to the automatic grass cut system.


We will protect your property by winterizing vacant properties. The process will prevent potential damage because of freezing temperatures. In many markets, an asset that isn’t properly winterized can quickly be degraded by the elements. We’ll ensure the property’s heat systems, plumbing and the rest of the structure are up to par and prepared for the challenges of each new season.

Pool Services

Our vendor partners are each vetted for maximum performance at the best pricing. Plus, we work hard every day to see that the very best providers are selected and rewarded for standing out where other contractors don’t. The result, for you, is an attractive, functional pool including pool securing, decking, draining, chemical treatment that helps your property value more.

Mold/ Mildew Mitigation

Our vendor experts will diagnose the source of mold in your property and remove, clean, sanitize and disinfect mold or mold-related contaminants in a property. In addition, we work to identify the source of the mold and eliminate it.

Code Violation Management


Conveyance Management

Our vendor partners work to bring properties into conveyance condition and keep them secure, maintained, broom swept and free of violations and surchargeable damage. We will manage your post-sale process to ensure your property is in HUD-compliant condition, while limiting holding time.